Our palantírs consist of an outer resin shell, three two-tone rubber balls, LED electronics package, and battery.

It is recommended that assembly be done after painting.

We paint these with a matte black spray base coat, then do a dry brush of white on the raised edges, followed by a gloss UV protectant coat.

After paint dries, turn the palantir upside down and place a small amount of superglue (we use Gorilla Glue Gel) around the small inner ring. 

Place the electronics package in to the small inner ring, LED facing downward as shown in the photo. Allow to dry for 15 minutes.

Following the directions from the included instruction sheet, place the battery in to the electronics package with the arrow facing the small notch. Rotate counter-clockwise to turn on the LED.

Turn the palantir right side up, then place one of the included rubber balls (“orbs”) in to the hole. There should be no light leakage. The color effect will vary based on how you orient the ball.

Have fun storming the castle!