The lamp post consists of the main post with the LED and switch, base, and an optional LED diffusion sleeve.

It is recommended that assembly be done after painting.

We paint our lamp posts using the following steps, with drying between each step:

  1. COVER LED using the included “LED Protector for Painting”, or a narrow drinking straw. If the LED Protector will not stay on the LED, gently push it in to the LED and twist, which will allow the flange of the LED to catch on the resin of the protector and stay in place. 
  2. Spray-on flat brown primer
  3. Heavy dry brush of raw sienna
  4. Light dry brush of 60/30 raw sienna + titanium white (or Apple Barrel “light mocha”)
  5. Random splotchy brush of burnt sienna to add character

For the lantern cover:

  1. Spray-on flat black primer
  2. Solid coverage of Vallejo Brassy Brass

For the stone base:

  1. Spray-on flat black primer
  2. Heavy dry brush of Liquitex Neutral Gray No. 5
  3. Highlight dry brush of titanium white


Optionally, to diffuse the LED light, apply a small amount of super glue to the inside of the diffuser, then carefully push the diffuser in to the bottom of the lantern cover so that it slips on to the LED.